Shri Yamunaji

In Pushti Marg, Shri Yamunaji occupies the most important position as the "beloved of Shrinathji”.

Shri Vallabhacharyaji gained his first darshan of Shrinathji through her grace. When Vallabhacharyaji first came to Vraj, he rested on the shores of the holy river – Yamunaji in Gokul. Shri Yamunaji appeared before him and through Her grace, he was able to talk directly to the Shrinathji himself.

This place is known as Thakurani Ghat. It is here, that Shrinathji came to talk directly to Acharyaji at midnight on the 11th day of the bright fortnight of the month of Shravan. At this time, Shrinathji gave Vallabhacharyaji the key to free souls from this wicked age of Kaliyug, Brahmsambandh.

As Shri Yamunaji was the intermediary for this first meeting, Acharyaji expressed his gratitude to Her by writing his famous Yamunashtaka. Of his 16 main works, written for advising and guiding his devotees, this is probably the most important spiritual shlokas.