Vaishnavs believe that there is one God (Krushna) who created the Universe and everything in it. God is always present and sees and knows everything. God is all powerful, loving and caring. Vaishnavs often use the word “Thakorji” to depict God. Shrinathji is a form of Krushna, manifest as a seven-year-old child (Balak).

In 1410 A.D., the Swaroop (image) of Bhagwan Shrinathji was found by some children while playing on top of Mt. Govardhan. The swaroop surfaced above the ground, but the lower half remained, buried inside the mountain.

It was only in 1493 A.D., when Vallabhacharyaji reached the spot, then the whole swaroop of Shrinathji emerged from the Govardhan mountain. In other words, the swaroop of Shrinathji has not been sculpted upon by somebody but has emerged on its own.