The formal initiation into Pushtimarg is called Brahmsambandh. The absolute and exclusive rights to grant "Brahmsambandh" in the path of grace, in order to transform an Ordinary jeev (soul) into a Pushti "Jeev", lie only with the descendants of Vallabhacharya, known as Goswami balaks – Vallabhkul balaks, who vaishnavas respectfully and lovingly refer to as "Goswami", "Bawa" or "Je Je".

Brahmsambandh is a process, where after fasting for one full day (consuming fruits and milk only), one is given the Krushna "Gadhya Mantra" in front of a Swaroop by a Vallabhkul Goswami after which tulsi leaves are offered to the lotus feet of Thakorji. The Adhikaar (right) to perform daily "seva" comes only after one is initiated into Pushtimarg by means of formally granting Brahmsambandh by a Goswami Balak. Without Brahmsambandh, one does not hold the right to perform seva of a Pushti Swaroop (Thakorji).

1st Brahmsambandh was given by Shri Mahaprabhuji to Damodardas Harsaniji at Gokul on the banks of Shri Yamunaji on Shraavana Ekadasi after Shrinathji appeared and ordained Mahaprabhuji that the divine souls should take Brahmsambandh.